We are super excited to announce the launch of our new interview format: LeadersOnLinkedIN.

In this slideshare documentary we ask the most successful, charismatic and high-achieving leaders how they manage to switch off fast, about their recovery habits, how they stay productive, what they eat and how they manage to stay fit while making a hige impact in the world.

But here’s the thing – this is not the 1,000,000th super time-consuming audio podcast format.

This is different…

We put everything together in super crisp charts and infographics so you can consume it in the shortest possible way: just by swipingleft

And for our first episode we have a very special #leader:

  • he is one of THE most energetic and high-achieving entrepreneurs in Europe
  • he is a well-known serial entrepreneur and the founder of Europe’s fastest growing startup TIER Mobility

Please welcome as our first ‘Leader on LinkedIN’ Lawrence Leuschner!

Your feedback is highly welcome. Do you like it? Or dislike it? Please tell me your thoughts in the comments.


Please share it with 2-3 friends, colleagues or family members who need to see this. Thank you!



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