A Shortcut To Happiness

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A Shortcut To Happiness

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Every time I post a quote about focusing on my Instagram or Facebook I get a lot of mails from you guys. In term of: Hey Chris, I really want to focus but I´m so addicted to my mobile that I just can´t and can you help me with that? Mobile phone addiction is something that becomes increasingly more in our society. And first of all we have to understand why we get addicted. And the thing is every time this machine makes a noise or a sound or it vibrates we get a little DOPAMINE kick in our brain just like people to alcohol do.

So the question is not how to get rid of it but how to enjoy responsibly?

I think I will do a longer format video in the next weeks where I go really deep into the topic but here is 1 quick advise for those of you who really struggle with mobile phone addiction.

Many people come to me and say ‘Chris… I’m successful but I’m not happy… what can I do?’ Have you ever experienced achieving a big goal but it didn’t make you happier? Me too! Though I’m very blessed to have reached many of my goals in life I was not happy for a long time. And the reason is simple:

Our brain is not made to be happy, it’s made to survive. Though this skill was key to survive for our ancestors some 10 thousand years ago it can be quite destructive in our modern times.

For me, being unhappy became a serious problem so I had to do something about it. And as a former strategy consultant I took an analytical approach to this problem. With just a little mental exercise I was able to change my mindset and turn from an unhappy to a very happy person almost overnight. And it lasts for more than 4 years now.

What I did is this – I made a table with three columns:

In the 1. column, I made a list with all topics that have an impact on my happiness and circled the top 5 topics that have the biggest impact on my happiness.

In the 2. column, I wrote down the happiness threshold for each of the 5 topics. The level where your happiness becomes positive, the dividing line between unhappy and happy.

In the 3. Column, I wrote down the status quo/my reality for each of the 5 topics. And this moment was life changing. Because what I realized is that in every single topic my status quo was well above the happiness threshold.I realized that I already had more than I needed to be really happy – so I started feeling and acting accordingly!

There’s still this myth, esp. among high performers and type A personalities. that when you’re happy and satisfied you lose your fire and start getting lazy

But I think the opposite is true. You perform so much better when you are happy and proud of yourself compared to feeling small and frustrated and stressed for not having achieved your biggest goals yet

For me, this exercise was life changing and I encourage you to do it too!

Always keep in mind my friend – you are a HIGH PERFORMANCE MACHIIIINE! Obsess about your Energy, your Focus and your Confidence!

Watch the video above for the full lesson and how to apply the shortcut to your life!

You take your mobile and put it into flight mode and set the alarm for 25 minutes and put your phone to a place where you can´t see and touch it. Then you focus on something like your work or your studies or what ever you wanna focus on for 25 minutes. You won´t touch your mobile until the alarm rings. Once the alarm goes of you go to your mobile and go online. This time you set the alarm for 5 minutes and in this time you can do with your mobile whatever you want without feeling guilty. When the 5 minutes are over you stop immediately. You turn on the flight mode again and reset your alarm for 25 minutes and take the second cycle of uninterrupted focus work. You repeat these cycles of 25 minutes online and 5 minutes offline for 4 times.

After these 4 times you get a longer break for maybe 30 minutes or maybe an hour and you can do again with your mobile what ever you want without feeling guilty and just enjoying the mobile experience. You have to educate and condition your mind that is has to get along for 25 minutes concentrating on any task and then it gets 5 minutes of DOPAMINE. But you have to get of try to get the DOPAMINE kick on a constant level. Tell your family, your friends, your boss or whoever that you will be offline for certain times. This is key.

You do this for several days and if you managed to stand this 25 minutes then you can gradually increase it even up to 40 minutes however you feel and what you wanna achieve. My current rhythm is that I go for 50 minutes flight mode and then for 5 minutes DOPAMINE. I wouldn’t go longer because then you start to cheat during this period, you go online again and then the rule is gone. Because you should NEVER break this rule.


Please share it with 2-3 friends, colleagues or family members who need to see this. Thank you!


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