The deepsleep Bootcamp.

How to get more deepsleep (without sleeping a single minute longer).

Your Scientific Shortcut to Better Sleep.

For Higher Levels of Energy, Performance & Health

Watch the trailer now to learn 3 little-known facts about deep sleep.

It only takes 60 seconds. And it will change the way you think about deep sleep forever.

6 days

of intense learning experience

21 video sessions

– hyper condensed and on-point

4 guided practices

to support your implementation success

What You’ll Get In The deepsleep BOOTCAMP


A step-by-step shortcut to get more deep sleep fast


Scientifically proven strategies specifically designed for people in high-stress environments


An eye-opening true client story that will change forever how you think (and act!) about sleep


An easy to learn relaxation strategy to help you switch off your racing mind (takes less than 1 minute)


Simple and highly effective quick wins to fall asleep fast, sleep deep and wake up rested in the morning (without sleeping longer!)


High-quality tools & checklists to facilitate your deep sleep densification journey


Contextual practices and challenges to establish long term behaviour change


I used your Switch Off hack last night and I fell asleep really very fast, unbelievable! I will use it on my kids, even though they don’t really speak English.


Sylvie Maréchal

I hit 1.5 hours of deep sleep for the first time after employing your relaxation audio last night, thanks Chris!


Robert Liu

Game changing session with the inspiring Chris Surel on how to easily get to 90 minutes of deep sleep every night and boost your performance substantially.


Andreas Harting



More Sparkling Eyes.

We as human beings… we are not machines. We are designed to pulse and move rhythmically between intense periods of stress followed by adequate periods of rest & recovery.

I believe (and science proves) that systematically oscillating between stress & recovery is the fastest (and most sustainable) way to achieve your next level.

Take a Look Inside The Bootcamp….

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DAY 1 - Why Most Recovery Advice Sucks (3 Videos)
  • Why Most Recovery Advice Sucks For People in High-Stress Environments (x:xx)
  • How To Master Deep Sleep Densification FAST (x:xx)
  • Measure Your Baseline in Less Than 2 Minutes (x:xx)
DAY 1 - Why Most Recovery Advice Sucks (3 Videos)
  • Why Most Recovery Advice Sucks For People in High-Stress Environments (x:xx)
  • How To Master Deep Sleep Densification FAST (x:xx)
  • Measure Your Baseline in Less Than 2 Minutes (x:xx)
DAY 2 - The Science Behind
  • Why Many People Are Tired After Sleeping 7+ Hours (True Shocking Client Story – Part 1)
  • What Really Happens During Deep Sleep (Latest Scientific Insights)
  • The Client Story – Resolved
  • Q&A Session
DAY 3 - How To Densify Your Deep Sleep (Without Sleeping More!)
  • Quick Win #1
  • Quick Win #2
  • Quick Win #3
  • Practice: Find Your Personal Get Up & Go To Bed Time Slots
  • Q&A Session
DAY 4 - How To Switch OFF Your Racing Mind FAST (Anytime, Anywhere)
  • How to Find & Press Your Flight Mode Button
  • Getting Into Parasympathetic/Rest Mode In 48 Seconds
  • How To Slow Down Your Brain Waves (By Doing “Nothing”)
  • Practice: Your First Binaural Breathing Session
DAY 5 - Bringing It All Together
  • Your Executive Summary
  • Establish long-term habits (14 Day Implementation Challenge)
  • Your Most Pressing Questions – Answered (Part 1)
  • Your Most Pressing Questions – Answered (Part 2)
  • Your Most Pressing Questions – Answered (Part 3)
Moving Forward - Mastering Strategic Recovery
  • How To Reach The Next Level For Your Energy, Performance and Health by Mastering The Strategic Performance Recovery System

Content that you’ll love.

I truely believe in the power of simplicity. I convert the complex science and put it into simple, eye-opening and easy to digest stories and pictures that educate, entertain and most importantly inspire your audience to take action right away.

Just integrating 3 of Chris’ tips boosted my energy the very next morning.


Christian Feuerbach

I worked with Chris on my recovery habits for a few months. His recovery strategies helped me to unlock my full sleep potential and live my high intensity life in a sustainable peak state.


Lawrence Leunschner

Chris not only knows the scientific principles for quick recovery, but also how to follow those principles even if one has a high-stress job with not enough time (or so one believes).


Ryutaro Kurihara

About Your Coach:

Chris Surel is a former tennis player, Roland Berger strategy consultant, senior executive and startup founder. During this time, he says he “did everything wrong you could possibly think of” with regard to his own health and wellbeing (which almost cost him his life). But he learned a lot from it. Today he is a performance recovery & sleep coach to CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs around the globe, in-demand keynote speaker, thought leader in the sustainable high performance space, founder of The Sleep Genome Project and creator of the Strategic Performance Recovery System. He is helping big corporates, the leading consulting companies and fast growing startups to upgrade and sustain their people’s energy, performance, health & wellbeing.

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I Want This BOOTCAMP, Chris!

Before I Show You The Price –

Here’s What You’ll Get:


Comprehensive in-detail video coaching: 21 easy-to-consume coaching sessions to implement deep sleep densification


Exclusive access to a major corporate LIVE event with more than 1,000 participants (post-edited and optimized)


Step-by-step guided real time practices to master the most essential deep sleep habits


Lifetime access: Pay an affordable price once, and access your deep sleep bootcamp forever


Real-life case studies from my coaching clients to learn from 


14 Day Implementation Challenge to establish the newly learned habits over the long term


Q&A session where I answer the most frequently asked questions


Comprehensive resource guide incl. tool recommendations and written course transcripts

If required, VAT will be added in the next step. You will see the final price before purchasing.

I feel so much better – physically and mentally at work but also at home. Thank you Chris!


Angelika Schedewie

What Chris teaches is easy, it’s pragmatic and it works.


Federico Magno

This has totally changed my performance & helath habits. That’s priceless!


Birge Kanzleiter