Yesterday evening I had ice cream – a lot.

Here’s how it destroyed my recovery at night:
An important indicator for your recovery status is how fast you reach your lowest resting heart rate (RHR). I usually reach it very fast after drifting away.

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But with yesterday’s sugar bomb it took me until 4 am. And not only that – my average heart rate during the whole night was 10% higher (50 BPM vs. 46). Not much you might say but this is 240 beats more per hour and 1500 beats more per night.

Keine alternative Textbeschreibung für dieses Bild vorhandenYou do the math what this means over a year, decade and lifetime… I’m not saying ‘Don’t eat ice cream’. I just want you to know that we pay a price when we eat high sugar foods late in the evening. My deep sleep was also significantly less than normal.

My recommendation:  Cheat strategically. 

Cheat when you don’t need to be at your best the next day. But leave away high sugar food when you want to peak perform the next day.

Your thoughts/experiences in this?


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