How To Avoid Getting Sick [Podcast Video]

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How To Avoid Getting Sick [Podcast Video]

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In this episode I share 3 super powerful early indicators of getting sick so you can fight against it before it takes off.


If we get sick our immune system really runs at maximum capacity to try to fight off those invaders. But if we learn how to better read and understand our body and identify those tiny little early indicators before a cold or sickness, chances are that we can lessen the effects or maybe even fight them off all together before they take off.

Let me share with you three very powerful early indicators to do just that.

1. Increase of the body temperature. I’m not talking about a fever that we really feel if we have an elevated temperature of two or three degrees Celsius, but these small subtle changes of 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 degrees. This is a pretty strong signal that your immune system is in higher gear.

2. A higher resting heart rate and/or a lower heart rate variability. As our body fights off illnesses, our sympathetic branch of the autonomous nervous system has a way higher part and the result is higher resting heart rate and/or lower heart rate variability.

3. More deep sleep. Deep sleep is the most restorative state during our sleep where we really kick our immune system into its highest gear. If you experience higher deep sleep, that’s not because of you have more exercise or really intense activities, then this is a pretty strong red signal that your immune system is in higher gear

. None of those early indicators is standalone really a sure shot. But in combination, it’s a very powerful strategy to get those red lights. If you see them, you can act. You can fight against the invaders by reducing stress, leveling up your supplements, adding zinc in these things and start exercising. And chances are that you really do not get sick or catch the cold. What’s your best advice to avoid getting ill? Let me know in the comments


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