How To Become Fearless Like Richard, Elon And Oprah

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How To Become Fearless Like Richard, Elon And Oprah

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Fear is the #1 reason why most people never live up to their full potential. Fear of failure, rejection, loosing, winning, other people’s POV… But there’s not many people out there who have the courage to admit their fears. And I can understand it. It’s hard to admit. Especially in the community of high performers and type-A-personalities, fear is perceived as a weakness. And none of us wants to be weak right?! But the reality is… everybody is afraid, even the highest-level achievers like Bill, Elon, Oprah, Richard, Mark, Evan… They all have fears. But there is one big difference: They feel the fear just like anybody else – but they do it anyway! They have a coping strategy to take massive action despite of their fears. And this coping strategy is built on three simple steps.

If you apply this 3-Step “Fearless Formula” into your life, you will become as bold and courageous as all the other super achievers in the world: 

1. Get real! This is all about gaining perspective. Ask yourself this question: if I do this right now, am I going to die? If the answer is no… Relax! The fear is just made up of your ancient drama queen called brain. Remember this: our brain’s job is not to change the world. Our brain’s job is only to survive. So it tries to make us believe that there’s danger everywhere.

2. Focus on the task (not the outcome)! This one is huge: fear comes up when we anticipate the potential negative outcome of a situation. To avoid this, we have to stay very sharp and focused just like a world-class athlete. Take Cristiano Ronaldo: when he’s shooting a penalty, he doesn’t think about the outcome and what happens if he misses the shot and how this could influence his career. He’s only thinking about the shot, a process he’s practiced over and over again. And we have to do the same: Focus only on the next steps of the process, not on the (negative) outcome itself. No “what could happen if” questions! Only the task, not the outcome.

3. Be brave for 10 seconds! Good news: You can be a coward 99.9884% of the day. You only have to be brave for 10 seconds per day. 10 seconds, that’s it. … Why 10 seconds only? Because our brain needs about 10 seconds to get engaged in an activity and realize that it won’t get eaten. Even if every cell of your body tells you not to make the thing you fear… do it anyway! After 10 seconds, the thrill is over.

Watch the video above for the full lesson to see how to apply the “Fearless Formula” into your life!


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