How To Fight Zoom Exhaustion [Podcast Video]


How To Fight Zoom Exhaustion [Podcast Video]



In this episode you learn 5 tipps to combat exhaustion from video conference marathons.


Corona has changed our workdays in many ways. One of them is that we spend way more time in zoom calls and most people feel like it’s even more exhausting than real meetings. And zoom exhaustion is real. There’s a different quality to our attention when we’re online. We are hyper focused on the few available visual cues that we normally gather from a full range of available body languages or we are completely distracted checking our phone or email. But virtual meetings are a new part of our working environment that will stay. So we need to make sure that we have the right recovery strategies at hand and here are five of them just to get started.

#1:  Take five seconds before clicking start. Just take a few deep breaths in your nose and out through your mouth to activate your parasympathetic state of your nervous system. That’s number one.

#2: Choose the setting, speak of you, so you only see the person who’s talking. This will save up tremendous amounts of energy for your brain.

#3: Don’t multitask. You already know this, but even if you’re not speaking or the meeting is not grabbing you full attention, don’t do it. It saves you precious energy.

#4: Stop or interrupt every meeting after 50 minutes max. I truly believe that you can finish every 60 minute meeting at the same level of quality and output after 50 minutes or even less. Be intentional and disciplined about the agenda and don’t waste your precious time that you could better use to recharging afterwards.

#5: Do micro moves between every meeting. Get up, move your body, use your muscles, stretch your back, your hip flexor, your chest. A stiff, tight, and an aching body cannot perform at its highest level, okay.

So here’s a few strategies that, and if you apply them, you can really feel that you’re way less exhausted, even after the most intense virtual meeting marathon.


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