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Leaders on LinkedIN #002 – featuring Tobias Silberzahn, Partner of McKinsey & Company.
Our goal with #LoLI is to inspire the world by showing how the most successful, charismatic and high-achieving leaders manage their energy levels, switch off, about their recovery habits, how they stay productive, what they eat and how they stay healthy and fit while making an impact in the world.
Tobias demonstrates impressively how this is even possible in one of the most demanding industries – strategy #consulting .
Thank you Tobias for sharing so many very personal insights with us. You are a true #strategicrecovery role model.
(Editor’s note: even though there are more words than usually on the “My #1 Advice” slides, we decided not to shorten them because we think that every single one of them word is worth reading – we hope you share our opinion).


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