Let’s get to know each other.
I’ll share my Story with you.

Hey, I’m Chris

and I’m passionately committed to making our high-performance culture more human, more energized and more sustainable. I truely believe that the right balance of hard work and deep recovery is the key to personal growth, success and happiness.
As long as I can imagine I was striving for high performance in any arena of my life. Whether it was playing tennis (Top 10 in German junior rankings) or football (FC Bayern München junior team) or later in my academic studies and working life… I always wanted to become the best I possibly can and achieve something really significant in my life.

And although this mindset pushed me constantly to my limits and beyond and brought me a lot of achievements in life, it was also the main driver into my biggest crisis and break-down blessing and turning point. Because I made one huge mistake that I didn’t notice at that time:

For far too long I behaved as if my energy resources were infinite. I never cared about my depleted energy level and even more critical how little I did to recharge (nothing at that time!).

But I had to learn the hard way that energy is a very precious resource. In fact it is THE most precious resource we have (not time or money). And managing it is the most crucial skill for sustainable high performance and long term achievements.


No energy. No progress.

No happiness.

As a strategy consultant and later a corporate executive, I was used to living a high intensity life at the edge. To be really honest with you, living the workaholics’ lifestyle with traveling, tough deadlines, always sleep-deprived and on the run felt quite cool to me at that time. It was tough and challenging but I was still OK.

Things quickly became worse when I decided to build my first company as a side business in night shifts and on the weekend, while still having my 60h+ day job as a corporate executive.

Fueled by a burning desire to become a successful entrepreneur, I ignored any other aspect in my life. For the next months I put myself on a crazy (adrenaline fueled) trip of 2-4 hours sleep per night and sometimes even forgetting to eat. Sports or any other kind of fun or relaxing activity became a luxury that I couldn’t afford anymore.

Without even realizing it, I was in the middle of a downward spiral. But of course, there were signs…


Tough mornings

Every single morning it became increasingly hard to get out of bed


Hammering thoughts

The never ending high-speed train of hammering thoughts in my head which were impossible to turn of

Getting less done

The growing frustration from not getting enough things done


24/7 tired

Burning eyes all day and night without a single minute of not feeling tired


Never-ending to-do lists

Growing to-do lists that don’t get shorter by working nights and weekends


Feeling guilty

Of being unproductive, unsuccessful and constantly procrastinating


Brain folk

A blurry mind that made it impossible to solve problems or being creative


Out of energy

No energy left for any kind of social activities with my family and friends.

It’s hard to fight back sometimes.

On a rainy November day when I took my Labrador Karli out for a walk I suddenly found myself close to a railroad. I hit mental and physical rock bottom and I really thought about putting an end to my struggle.

Although I had everything you could ask for (an own company, more than enough money, success, recognition, true friends and a caring family), something very vital inside of me was missing: I had no energy, no confidence, no happiness left… None.

“In that same moment I decided that I will do whatever it takes to get my energy back.”

The very next moment, I turned around to my dog and looked into his faithful and gentle brown eyes. I will never forget his intense look that saved my life. It reminded me how simple and beautiful live is. And then I thought ‘No…this couldn’t be it yet!’ I still had too many visions, dreams and goals and so many wonderful people in my life. I decided that I will do whatever it takes to get my energy, my smile and my happiness back. This shocking experience became a turning point in my life. Thank you forever Karli!


Come back. 


I was 100% committed to fight my way back and become the strong, energetic and confident person I used to be.

On that same day I wrote down how exactly I wanted to feel in 90 days and the first three action steps how to get there. Now I had a plan. I mailed this plan to my parents and one of my best friends to create immediate accountability before I could change my mind. Now I was back in the game and for the first time since months I felt a little less miserable.
First, I found a world class mental coach who helped me figure out and structure what to do next. Second, I went through a complete medical check-up (with quite sobering results) but at least I knew where I was. And third, I went to a quiet little lodge in the Alps for 3 days to sleep (a lot!) and write down my 90-Day Recovery Plan (90-DRP). This created immediate momentum. The following weeks and months became a very intense period of massive action and transformation.

All of a sudden, I was in the middle of an upward spiral.
The result… Massive Action.


Defined my priorities

I got my priorities in order in all major areas of my life and clarity what to focus on


Found my limiting beliefs

I identified my biggest limiting beliefs that held me back and drained my energy


Started meditating

I started meditating daily and learned step by step how to focus and single task again


Changed my nutrition

I made some significant changes to my nutrition (though there is still some upside potential)


Implemented good routines

I began studying everything about routines and habits and how to implement them


Started my gratitude journal

I started writing down three things that I am truly grateful for every day


Celebrated my wins

I started celebrating my achievements (big and small) and being proud of myself


Killed distractions

I got clarity about what distracted and overwhelmed me and how to get rid of it


Started to workout again

I started to do my favourite sports like running, biking and fitness again


Identified my top 5 values

I identified my 5 most important needs and my top 5 values


Defined my life goals

I figured out what I truely want in life and who I need to become to achieve that


Got rid of toxic people

I got rid of some toxic and energy draining people in my life


Started loving myself

I accepted that self love is not selfish or egoistic but a necessity to love and serve others


Found my life regrets

I figured out what I would truly regret at the end of my life, if I would just continue the way I lived

I raised my own standards and things that used to be my ‘Shoulds’ suddenly became my ‘Musts’.

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This was only the beginning

of my journey and my first victories motivated me big-time to keep going. This whole recovery thing became a new passion and optimizing my performance level my new top priority. In the upcoming years I studied all the science, knowledge, wisdom and expertise out there about psychology, success, neuroscience, recovery, sustainable high performance and energy management.
I worked with world-class clients and mentors and learned from some of the greatest teachers ever
I joined great mastermind groups with other entrepreneurs
I consumed hundreds of online courses, webinars and podcasts from the industry’s leading experts and gurus

I invested tens of thousands of Dollars

in world class seminars
I interviewed entrepreneurs, athletes and other high performers how they mastered their struggles
I spent thousands of hours reading books, e-books and blogs from the best authors in these disciplines

I deeply inhaled each and every piece of content, advice and tool and tried things out for myself, constantly experimenting to refine and optimize my own systems, tools, and routines.

On my own journey

I figured out what really works for me and other people and what doesn’t work.

And even more important what I’ve learned is this: you can really change. Yes it is hard, but it works if you take one step after the next, one at a time. And if I can change… believe me you can, too. You just have to make a decision to start. You have to want to change. And most important, it’s never too late.

But the most important lesson

on my journey was that there is no trade-off between living a super ambitious high performance life and being happy and rested and healthy. In fact our performance improves dramatically when we prioritize our well-being and take coare of ourselves. And the secret how to do this is really simple: strategic recovery.

Once you master this life-changing skill, you can constantly perform at your best without ever running out of energy again. You will have the power to chase any dream without ever getting exhausted or burned out on your way.

For far too long we all have been operating under the false assumption that feeling exhausted and burned out is the neccessary price for being successful.


That is far from true!

My own experience as well as the latest science shows that, not only is there no trade-off between high performance and a balanced life, but our performance improves dramatically when we focus on our health and energy. It’s time to move from talking to doing. Let’s get our energy back.


Rising energy. Progress.

Returning happiness.

My engines got gradually refueled

And I experienced a higher energy level than ever before. I was back in the high performance arena. I started to experience more success, achievements, adventures and precious moments than ever before.

  • I set up my new consulting and coaching business and quickly gained traction in the market place
  • I regained my physical strength and finished several marathons, half-marathons and mountain trail runs
  • I started to allocate a significant part of my time to spend with my family and friends
  • I started to spend 1-2 months per year traveling the world
  • I designed my life around my own true goals, values and needs and became independent from the noise around me
  • I regained confidence into my mental and physical strength to achieve anything I want
  • I started reading for 30 mins. every day
  • I found my way to meditate daily (and collected the Headspace 365-consecutive-days badge, STRIKE!!!)
  • I prioritized dedicated me-time to enjoy my passions like R&B music, hiking and mountain biking every week


Impact? Or Well-being?

We can have both!

If today was my last day

I wouldn’t regret that much anymore. Now I live the balanced and energized life that I was always striving for. The pulsing change between high intensity sprints and deep renewal phases provides me the energy to push my business and projects forward while still having enough resources to care about myself, my family and my friends.

Of course there is a thin line 

between being a high performer and a workaholic. From time to time, especially when I am super excited and passionate about a new project, I run the risk of over pacing and losing balance. But now there is a fundamental difference: I have my smart recovery strategies, tools and systems in place that always bring me back on track.

I finally found a way to perform at my highest level without running out of energy. Thanks to my smart recovery strategies I found a way to become a sustainable high performer.

During my journey I also realized that selling premium clothes for men online (which my e-Commerce company was all about) was not the kind of business I was truly passionate about so I closed the company and turned to something more fulfilling and purposeful that makes my heart sing every day.

FREE Access to Your Binaural Beats Audio Track

Learn the key skill of every high-energy person – from stressed to calm in minutes.

Soon people asked me

how I managed to change and if I could help them out with their own struggles and challenges. So I started teaching and sharing what I learned.

And what started as my own struggle

turned into my biggest passion and ultimate life purpose: to inspire and help people perform at their best without sacrificing their body, mind and happiness.

Now that I am blessed to have all these experiences and figured things out for myself I feel a deep purpose to pay it forward and share it with other people who experience similar challenges like I did.

That’s why I built proven strategies, systems and tools tha make it easy to implement SMART RECOVERY into the stressful and highly demanding life of high performers and super achievers.

Since the implementation part has always been my biggest challenge, my focus is less on the theory but more on proven and science backed, down to earth implementation tactics that I’ve tried (and optimized) myself.


Less red eyes.
More sparkling eyes

“If all I do is inspire you to care just a little more about your energy – simply by sharing with you what I learned – then my own struggle had a true and deep purpose.”


But I want to be honest with you.

STRATEGIC RECOVERY is not for everybody! It’s absolutely ok if you don’t resonate with my perspective. My strategies are designed for the ambitious who have decided to live a charged and energized life and are willing to do whatever it takes to get (back) there..



Stress + Recovery
= Growth

I cut through all the noise

collecting for you only those things that really work in your life. Because I’ve been exactly where you are now, and found out first-hand what works (and what doesn’t!!). What you get is super-simple ideas, tips and methods you can easily implement in your life right now!

I Believe in You!

If there is just one thing you take away from this website, it’s to know that someone believes in you. That someone knows you have what it takes to become a sustainable high performer. And trust me when I say… I – Chris Surel – believe in you.
You can make it.

Even if we’ve never actually met (which I hope we’ll do someday), even if I don’t know your story yet. If you’ve read this far, then know this:

You have what it takes! And with the right energy management , you can learn how to achieve what you want.

Who do you believe in?

Who do you know is happy to live a charged and energized life? We all know someone. A family member, a good friend or a colleague who is sometimes struggling with feeling overwhelmed, tired and exhausted. They all will be grateful if someone believes in them. This someone can be us.

Together we can be the ones to believe in them. I believe this website can make a true difference to many people’s lives and I need your help to reach and inspire more of them.

Please share my message with three of your friends who will love it.

Just forward via e-mail to them.

Thank you!
For your time, your trust and your support.

Stay energized,

FREE Access to Your Binaural Beats Audio Track

Learn the key skill of every high-energy person – from stressed to calm in minutes.

Meet Chris Surel

Chris is a passionate entrepreneur, high performance mentor and recovery expert.

He helps entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and other high performers to become their very best selves. With the use of simple and proven tools and systems, Chris teaches his clients and followers how to become sustainable high performers by recovering faster (and smarter).

He lives in Munich/Germany with his black Labrador Karli always by his side.

Chris is on a mission to eradicate exhaustion and burnout from our society until 2030.

Some more facts about Chris

High performance and personal development geek

Studied international business administration in Ingolstadt and London

Founded a men’s fashion e-commerce company

Meditation freak

(he is so proud of his Headspace 365-days-in-a-row Badge and talks about it all the time…)

Hasn’t missed the Oktoberfest for more than 30 years

Spends every free minute in the mountains with trail running, hiking or biking

Always dreamed of becoming a tennis pro

(at his best he was top 10 in German junior rankings). But a chronic shoulder injury at the age of 18 destroyed his dream

Started his career in strategy consulting

Travelled 30+ countries in the last 10 years

Raving black music, hip hop and R&B fan

Sports enthusiast (watching & doing)

Uncle of two nephews and one niece

Passionate FC Bayern Munich fan, where he played himself until the age of 14

(before he quit soccer to focus on his tennis career)

Was a senior executive at Germany’s biggest loyalty program

Addicted to reading and learning

Loves to go out with his friends

Marathon “sub 4 hours” and half-marathon runner

Loves to support other people to become successful



There is no trade-off between high performance and a happy, healthy and fulfilled life


Our corporate high performance culture is completely broke


We all can achieve ANYthing (but not EVERYthing!)


Recovery is the major difference between the sustainable high performers and the exhausted hustlers


Energy (not money or time) is our most precious resource


You become what you think and focus on


The power of habits


The value of accountability


The huge power and momentum of crazy and lofty goals


The huge power and momentum of crazy and lofty goals


The power of small baby steps towards your biggest goals


Technology is a gift (not a threat) when you manage it accordingly


The importance of life-long learning


The world belongs to the energetic


Life can (and should) be simple


The guiding power of your own intuition


Respect and honesty is the foundation of every lasting relationship

Less Red Eyes.

More Sparkling Eyes.