by Upgrading Your Sleep Quality
(Side Effects: Great Health & Happiness Included!)


“Learning that sleep is the most productive thing I can do allowed me to make it a priority in my life.

I used to believe that sleep is a waste of my precious life time and that sleeping less is my biggest lever to get more things done. Sleeping more than 4 hours made me feel bad and guilty and unproductive. This mindset led to my darkest time with only 2-3 hours sleep per night until I broke down.

But then one day, everything changed when I came across a 9-word quote about sleep. It made me turn my lifestyle upside down and experience the performaning-ehnhancing power of high-quality sleep.

High-Quality Sleep is a comprehensive guide with knowledge and strategies to upgrade your sleep. Everything you find is personally tested by myself. It shows you how to get the best sleep ever and how this will make you more healthy, happy and successful on the job and off.”


More Energy

Learn how small changes to your sleep routines result in sustained energy from morning till evening

Enhanced Memory & Cognitive Skills

Understand the deep connection between five-star sleep and your brain performance

More Focus

Learn how higher quality sleep will instantly supercharge your focus and concentration skills

Better Health

Discover how high-quality sleep helps to sustain your health even when working under high pressure

More Productivity

Find out how high-quality sleep can help you to radically improve your productivity and get more things done

More Time

How upgrading your sleep quality allows you to be rested with less sleep (Spoiler alert: it’s all about deep sleep)

What You Get In This FREE Guide


21 Scientifically Proven and Personally Tested Strategies to Upgrade Your Sleep


All The Science, Knowledge, Facts & Figures You Need to Know About Sleep


How high achievers like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates prioritize their sleep


A checklist and worksheet to help you get started TODAY

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Chris Surel is a Performance & Recovery Expert who helps people without time to rest to recharge & recover FASTER. In his former life as a tennis pro, strategy consultant, corporate executive and e-commerce entrepreneur, he had to learn the hard way what it feels like to collapse from exhaustion.

On his own recovery journey he learned everything about stress management, renewal, energy management and sustainable high performance that he now shares with others.

Chris’ philosophy is based on maintaining a high stress/ rest elasticity to sustain growth and performance by integrating micro breaks into our time-pressured lives.

His strategic recovery approach has made him an in-demand expert, coach and advisor for entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and other top performers.