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Probably the fastest and most convenient way to help you upgrade your energy, your performance and your health without changing your life or becoming a yoga master.


This program is specifically designed for people who live and work in high-stress environments. People who are super impatient and want to see instant results – who basically don’t have time for anything.

At Your Own Pace & Rhythm

You get pre-recorded micro coaching sessions that perfectly fit into your life – between two meetings, on your commute or when you travel. You can learn and grow in your own rythm at your own pace.


Choose from a wide range of video sessions, quizzes, audio sessions, executive summaries and checklists.

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Develop your personal strategic recovery system applying the latest adult learning strategies


No need to block away hours on the weekend. Learn between two meetings or on your commute.

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More Energy, performance and healthy well-being

Specifically designed for PEOPLE IN
high-stress environments


that fit in between meetings, when you travel or on your way home.

Learn at Your Own Pace & Rhythm

Learn, pause, continue or restart whenever you want. At the click of a button.

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Hear What Clients Say

Federico Magno

Managing Director Porsche Consulting

What Chris teaches is easy, it’s pragmatic and it works.

Patrik Birkle

Associate Boston Consulting Group

How do you make a 4 hour Zoom call engaging? Just ask Chris Surel! I had the great opportunity to attend his training on Strategic Recovery in Consulting and it was eye-opening!

Julie Teigland

Managing Partner EMEIA Ernst & Young

Chris is touching upon one of the most underestimated success factors. I really like his approach about strategic recovery.

... battle tested over and over again.

AND 100% backed by science.


We as human beings… we are not machines. We are designed to pulse and move rhythmically between intense periods of stress followed by adequate periods of rest & recovery.

I believe (and science proves) that systematically oscillating between stress & recovery is the fastest (and most sustainable) way to achieve your next level.

Discover THE PULSE

The Strategic Performance Recovery System










Foundation - Science & Mindset
Why Recovery? The Science Behind

It all starts with the right mindset. Learn the latest science behind strategic recovery to understand why it is essential for sustainable high energy, performance and health and how to master it in high-stress environments.


How to Measure Recovery

What gets measured gets managed. Learn how to measure your recovery baseline without any tech support and the four most important key recovery indicators (KRI) to track your recovery progress over time.


How the Best View Rest

We believe that learning from the best is the most effective way to get better. Learn from the highest achieving people on the planet how they think and act about recovery.


Rethinking Stress

Stress can be a super powerful stimulus for growth if we know how to channel it. Learn how we can channel it to boost our energy, performance and growth instead of destroying it.


Rethinking Recovery

“Rest is a waste of time.” “If I’m not tired I don’t work hard enough.” Really? Challenge your belief system about recovery and learn how to develop the right mind set about strategic recovery so you can master it over the long term.

Upgrading Your Brakes

Understand the fundamentals of your autonomous nervous system so you can start re-gaining control of it.


The Power of Micro Breaks

Stress + Recovery = Growth. Understand your Ultradian Rhythm and learn how to apply this powerful concept to your daily working routines (even under the highest pressure and stress).


Switch OFF on Demand

Learn how to quickly (in less than 1 minute!) stimulate your vagus nerve and slow down your brainwaves to regain control of your racing mind and switch it off on demand. Anytime. Anywhere. When you wake up, between your meetings, while eating a sandwich, when you travel or on your way home.


Master Your Distractions

Learn how to enjoy your phone more responsibly, reduce your screen time significantly but without missing out on anything important.

Deep Sleep Densification – The Science Behind

Get an executive summary of the science behind sleep to understand the numerous benefits for our energy levels, cognitive and physical performance and our health. Learn how much (deep) sleep you really need. Understand why many people in high-stress environments wake up tired and exhausted (even after sleeping 7, 8 or 9 hours – we call this Junk Sleep) and why the solution to this problem is not sleeping longer (but a strategy called – spoiler alert – Deep Sleep Densification).


Eliminate Your Deep Sleep Roadblocks

Our whole sleep system is only as strong as the weakest link. Learn how to identify your biggest deep sleep roadblocks (it’s not only caffeine and alcohol) and eliminate them to upgrade your energy to the next level.


Sync Your Internal Body Clock

When it comes to sleep consistency is the most important factor. But at the same time our dynamic lifestyle requires maximum flexibility. Learn how to avoid social jetlag and strengthen your internal body clock without losing flexibility and fun in life. You identify and implement your personal best wake-up and go to bed times (no matter how packed your days are).


Strategic Sleep Cycles

Sleep is a long-term game. That’s why we play it strategically. Learn how to get rid of stressing out about a single night’s sleep and start applying a more sustainable approach – sleeping in cycles per week.


Deep Sleep Densification Habits

Learn how to establish simple and powerful routines in the morning, during the day and in the evening to support Deep Sleep Densification and implement it over the long term.


Catching Up Sleep Deficits

Your life is intense and sleep is a very scarce resource. Learn two science-based sleep strategies to cope with potential deficits to avoid running into the red zone.


Deep Sleep Trouble Shooting

“I can’t fall asleep” and “I wake up at 4 AM” are two of the most frequent sleep challenges for people in high-stress environments. Learn the most effective counter strategies to handle them (so they don’t hurt your energy levels) and how to avoid them in the first place.

Level 3 – Step Up Your Nutrition Game
The Science Behind Recovery Nutrition

Get an executive summary of the science behind recovery nutrition. Get introduced to the Golden Rule of high performance nutrition and learn why the right fueling is a non-negotiable to master strategic recovery and sustain high levels of energy.


The 6 Recovery Fuel Principles

Understand and master the 6 most important recovery fuel principles to make sure you give your body all the essential nutrients it needs to sustain high levels of energy and mental and physical performance. Even when you’re super stressed, when traveling or in the home office. A no excuse system designed for people who don’t have time for nothing.


Daily Meal Planning (The Simple Way!)

The tough part about nutrition is to actually make it happen in your daily life. That’s why we created a way to make it very simple for you. We call it the Daily Default Meal concept (DDM). This tool has helped thousands of clients to live by our 6 Recovery Fuel Principles even on their most stressful days. And it will help you too.

Level 4 – Upgrade your physiology
WHY Move? The Science Behind

This level is NOT about making you a marathon runner or gym lover. This is about understanding the fundamental difference between exercising and moving and why moving our body is essential to sustain high levels of energy, cognitive performance and great health.


The 4 Recovery Move Principles

Learn how to implement regular recovery moves into your daily life to sustain and upgrade your physiology – even when sitting all day long and no time to exercise! We cover a 360° set of cardio, strength & mobility moves. And we do this in the easiest way possible! Designed for people who don’t have time for nothing.


Implementation Game Plan

“No Time In The Morning… Too Tired In The Evening.” These days are gone. Learn how to design your weekly game plan and make recovery moves your daily habit so you don’t need to spend your precious energy and will power.


Let’s Move Together (Video Tutorials)

Let’s do some recovery moves together. You get dozens of animated step-by-step video tutorials for the morning, during the day and to slow down before sleep.

Bonus Level – Recovery on Autopilot
The Science Behind Habit Change

Get introduced to the latest neuro science to understand how we can establish the right habits and stop the wrong. We go deep into the concept of secondary advantages to understand why change is hard and how we still can succeed.


Sustainable Recovery Habits

Learn how to put your most effective recovery habits on autopilot so they run like brushing your teeth or driving your car without draining your precious energy.

Your Scientific Shortcut to Higher Levels of Energy, Mental Performance and Physical Health.

Without Sacrificing Your Ambition and Fun in Life.

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What Clients Say

Federico Magno

Managing Director Porsche Consulting

What Chris teaches is easy, it’s pragmatic and it works.

Patrik Birkle

Associate Boston Consulting Group

How do you make a 4 hour Zoom call engaging? Just ask Chris Surel! I had the great opportunity to attend his training on Strategic Recovery in Consulting and it was eye-opening!

Julie Teigland

Managing Partner EMEIA Ernst & Young

Chris is touching upon one of the most underestimated success factors. I really like his approach about strategic recovery.

About Your Coach

Chris Surel is a former tennis player, Roland Berger strategy consultant, senior executive and startup founder. During this time, he says he “did everything wrong you could possibly think of” with regard to his own health and wellbeing (which almost cost him his life). But he learned a lot from it. Today he is a performance recovery & sleep coach to CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs around the globe, in-demand keynote speaker, thought leader in the sustainable high performance space, founder of The Sleep Genome Project and creator of the Strategic Performance Recovery System. He is helping big corporates, the leading consulting companies and fast growing startups to upgrade and sustain their people’s energy, performance, health & wellbeing.
Disclaimer: Because the advice, strategies, and recommendations contained in this webinar may not be suitable for your particular situation, the creator makes no expressed or implied warranties, and assumes no liability whatsoever, in connection therewith, including warranties about the type or extend of any benefits to be gained from attempting a similar regimen presented in this webinar. The creator recommends that anyone doing this webinar consult with appropriate licensed professionals and other experts before taking any action in connection with, or based on, the contents of this webinar.

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