1. We have less meetings
  2. We travel less
  3. We pollute less Carbon Dioxide
  4. We commute less (and gain 30-45 minutes per day)
  5. We can nap more (something we all missed over the last decades right?!)
  6. We prioritize our health and immune system more
  7. We stay at home when ill (something we should continue to do even when Covid-19 is gone)
  8. We work more virtual (and guess what – it works!)
  9. Our solidarity as humans increases: Covid-19 does not know race, skin color, religion or sexual orientation. (Unfortunately it does know age though). We are all equal in this together…
  10. Home office work becomes possible (even in the most new work averse companies whose leaders don’t trust their people and think that it’s only real work if you sit at your office desk)
  11. We focus more on the essential: When there’s just one kind of toilet paper in the shelves you don’t care about brand, texture or color do you?!
  12. We are forced to find new, better solutions for our most pressing problems
  13. We don’t have to queue (Don’t forget how often you’ve complained about standing in line… now you don’t have to)
  14. We don’t have to visit so many events and conferences
  15. We have more time at home to spend with our loved ones, for ourselves, to reflect, to strategize to be creative to recharge

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not naïve and I’m well aware that these benefits come at a high price.

But when you look at the list you realize that it’s all stuff people usually complain about:

“I travel too much, too many meetings, too many events…”

Don’t worry. Your normal life will come back very soon.

So enjoy the next weeks and months and see it as a little time-out.

We are so much better in fighting Covid-19 when we do not drown in negativity and self-pity but focus on the solutions.

We as a human beings have survived and grown stronger from every battle in the past.

So let’s do it this time again – together. Ok?!


Thank you for reading 🙂

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What benefits or positive aspects do you see from Covid-19?

What changes should we keep after the pandemic?


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